Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Utopia / Chris Anderson's Makers: The New Industrial Revolution

"But I do know that, when you give a kid a 3D printer and they have access to Thingiverse and easy tools to customize, that the imagination runs riot.
And what these kids know is that anything they could imagine they can make real.

Right now, they can make it real in plastic in one color. Soon it'll be plastic and multicolors. Soon it will be much higher resolution. Soon it'll be multi-material. Then they'll be able to integrate the electronics into it. They'll be able to print in metal. We can see the way this is going. It's not going to take 20 years to get professional quality manufacturing on your desktop."

"Now there is nothing standing between ideas and practice."
I so want a 3d printer!!!

Chris Anderson (formally of WIRED) speaks about his new book:
Makers: The New Industrial Revolution

"The technology is there and easy and in place. And now we can just fill it with our ideas.
And the nice thing about hardware is that there's no crazy debate over the business model.
The business model is you sell products for more than they cost. Period. That's it. Business school professors keep saying, explain your business model. It's like, we sell products for more than they cost. We made money on Day 1. We actually sell it at 2.6 times the actual cost. 2.6, that cost is the Bill of Materials plus labor. And 2.6 is like this magic number. It's basically two 40% margins, one for us, and one for our distribution partners, a wholesale and a retail margin, if you will, 2.6. 2.6 times the Bill of Materials is like an order of magnitude cheaper than closed-source, sometimes two orders of magnitude cheaper. It's not rocket science. We learned it from other people in the Open Hardware Movement."

I read Free: The Future of a Radical Price last year and found it to be equal parts scary and incredibly hopeful. I haven't had the chance to read Makers yet, but I will.
All I can say: after watching this talk is: "WHOA!"
If you are a creative person there is no way you are not going to root for 3D printer utopia.

Chris Anderson, the groundbreaking author of the Long Tail visits the RSA to outline a dramatic new change in the way our economy functions.

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